About us

The SPRL Leidgens places its passion and know-how at the service ofoutdoor design projects for individuals and companies.

From its creation more than 40 years ago, our company is driven by the love for a job well done and the will to bring total satisfaction to each of its clients. That constant attention has allowed us to grow to today become a real reference in outdoor design.

Mainly active in Belgium and Luxembourg, we continuously improve our techniques and follow the trends to meet all the requests of our clients. We select our materials and plants with care, by favouring quality and where possible, local production.

We are happy to welcome you at our site in the Plenesses industrial zone to discuss your project, introduce our teams and give you a tour of our workshop and our warehouse.

A family story launched 40 years ago

In 1976, at 23 years of age, Vincent Leidgens becomes a garden entrepreneur. He recruited his first employee a few weeks later … By the way, he is still working here!

Over the years the company grows and manages increasingly larger worksites. In 2005, Brice and Morgan Leidgens, Vincent’s sons, join the company.

Our biggest strength

Our biggest strength? Undoubtedly our team! It consists of dozens of specialists, craftsmen, landscape architects, engineers, a topographer…The various and complementary competences of our employees allow us to control all the outdoor design work, at a very competitive quality-price ratio.

Discover our competences

The assets

  • More than 80 persons at your service
  • 1 ironwork workshop
  • 1 topographer
  • 4 500 m2 of Leidgens buildings
  • +100 machines and vehicles
  • 1 carpentry workshop

Every project is unique

Every year hundreds of companies, institutions or individuals enlist our services. To us, each project is unique and requires specific understanding and follow-up.

Assisting our clients is essential. Every worksite starts with tracing the zones to be achieved: our clients visualise the end result and can adapt it if need be.

Discover a few of our achievements

At your service

  • 350 000 m2 of gardens maintained/year
  • 23 outdoor professions
  • 690 years of cumulated experience

Services in constant evolution

When we look back 10 years, we notice a constant evolution in the techniques and professions of exterior design. Every year new trends appear.

It is up to us to follow those innovations, to educate ourselves and to listen to our clients to meet their demands.

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